Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) work experience placements allows you to gain an insight into the career options which are available to you throughout the health and social care system. As a result you can have a better understanding of different careers so you can decide your career path, whether you are at school, college, applying to University or looking for experience prior to gaining employment later in life. You will hopefully start to see how career pathways and roles interchange across different organisations to support our patients’ journey.

Work Experience is a fantastic way of learning more about the variety of career options available to you whilst gaining experience for your CV in order to make more informed career choices.

Benefits of a work placement for you

These are wide ranging and vary depending on the individual. It could provide someone with the initial confidence they need to get back into a work place or support someone in making a decision on which direction they want their career journey to go in. What we do know is that placements can provide:

  • a range of opportunities and experiences on what working in a live work place is like and what the culture of a health and social care employer feels like
  • an opportunity to see and be part of workplace behaviours (which you may be familiar with already) and see what is expected within an environment you might like to work in

Benefits of a work placement for us

We know it isn’t always easy to understand what a role or department does from just an advert alone and we recognise that to attract our workforce of the future, and retain staff once they join, we need to give people the best chance of understanding our organisations, the ways we work and the opportunities available. Work experience is an excellent opportunity to help with this and helps us to build links with local schools and colleges to give the opportunity to individuals that may not have known about the jobs and careers that are available.

Work experience also helps support the schools in adhering to the Gatsby principles, which are a set of principles to support school aged children with career guidance. http://www.gatsby.org.uk/uploads/education/reports/pdf/gatsby-sir-john-holman-goodcareer-guidance-2014.pdf

While on placement

The delivery of high quality work experience placements is vital for to us and we are keen to hear your experiences so we can continuously improve our offering. It is fundamental that the person on placement is safe. There will be induction and training materials provided as well as a placement supervisor to enable concerns or queries to be raised. We are committed to equal opportunities and this is reflected in our programmes. We accept and welcome applications for work experience regardless of gender, disability, gender, sexuality, marital status, colour and race, ethnicity.

Good luck and enjoy your placement!