How To Request It

Work Experience Opportunities

Work experience opportunities are various and depend on a combination of things including our current service pressures, staff availability and our workforce needs. Whilst the menu of options that can be found under ‘What We Can Offer’ provide a breadth of opportunities please note that on some occasions the choices may not be available or may be available but in limited supply/or at a certain time. It is important that placements are well supported during their time with us, have a risk assessment in place and are age appropriate. We trust you understand that we are aiming to balance our future workforce attraction work with current patient and service needs.

How to Request Work Experience for Your School

Career Events/Open Days/Taster DaysPlease email to register your interest to attend the next Step into Health and Social Care Careers event we organise.
1-20 Day PlacementsPlease ask the student and teacher/career advisor/parent to review current opportunities that are available to apply for under the ‘Work Experience Opportunities’ button.
Princes Trust/Traineeships and in programme University CoursePlease contact the provider direct to apply

Want Us To Come To You?

Many schools have events that they wish to invite Health and Social Care staff to. With the number of organisations requesting these across the City and County being large we accommodate what we can, however requests often come in all together and with short notice. Whilst we love coming and meeting students in our community we do need to ensure we prioritise our patients and services which means sadly we don’t get to everything which we trust you understand. Tips to support us being able to attend:
  • Ensure you email your request to This will enable the request to be circulated to all the Work Experience leads in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to see what support is available for the event. We are often happy representing a number of professions or organisations where we can between us which saves on duplication and maximises the amount of events we can attend
  • Make your request significantly in advance. Clinical rotas are often planned at least 12 weeks in advance and annual plans for staff release are often already in place
  • Consider who you could work with for the event. Could a number of schools host the event so that speakers can maximise their audience for a true LLR community feel?
  • Consider what you want the outcome of the attendance to be. Do you need someone to just hand out leaflets, do a guest speaker slot on what the role of a care worker is like on a day to day basis and the impact it has on patients’ lives? Do you need students to know the career path or is it linking into a topic you are delivering at school e.g. the ear, eye, kindness etc. Have the students got to find out set things from professions attending, make choices e.g. A level courses or apprenticeships and if so do they need to know more about what’s involved?
  • Let us know what students have already had/been exposed to so we can make it as beneficial as possible and don’t repeat things. Maybe in class they have looked at the NHS Careers and Social Career websites and done the which career is for me tool etc.